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MUST DO RV Air Conditioner Maintenance | Full-Time RV Living

Even if you are chasing 70 degrees on your RV adventures, you will STILL need to use your RV air conditioner sometime during the summer. Will it be blowing cool air, or will it be blowing warm air? To help you stay in the “cool air only” lane, you MUST give your AC units some much-need love and attention. Regularly maintaining your RV air conditioners will not only keep you cool but it will also extend the life of your AC units.

Dust, dirt, pollen, and cottonwood fuzzies, in our case, all combine to block your airflow and prevent your RV air conditioning from running at peak performance! Assuring your RV AC is running at its best is quick, easy, and only requires some basic tools. But it does require you to get up on the roof, which might be out of your comfort zone. You can pay someone else to do this or tackle it yourself, but either way, you need to do this at least twice a year!

We like to perform this AC maintenance right after the cottonwood and pollen stop flying, which helps get your ACs ready for the hard work summer season that follows.

We also like to do this maintenance in the fall, after the air conditioners have been working hard all summer. And, if you’re full-time RVers like us, maintaining the ACs in the fall will make them ready to go for any warmer weather you may encounter during the winter in Florida or other southern locations. And, if you’re not a full-timer, fall maintenance means you’ll be ready to go for the next season. 

Cleaning your condenser and evaporative coils and making sure all your cooling fins are straight will maximize airflow and cooling efficiency. It’s also a good time to dust your fan, check out your connections and have a look at your ductwork. 

Don’t forget to clean your air filters too! I like to replace my filter material with new ones every year. Filter pads can be found at your local home improvement store, and you just cut them to size. 

Most importantly, don’t forget about safety!  First, make sure you have a walkable roof. If you are not sure, check with your manufacturer. Turn off all ACs and turn off the breakers too to avoid any accidental operation. Always wear work gloves around your AC; the fins and framework are sharp!

While you are up there, be sure to check your roof for small holes or tears, and also check your seals and caulking. This is a great time to consider cleaning your roof as well. Always follow your manufacturer’s recommendations on cleaning procedures and recommended cleaning and sealing products. 

Take care of your AC, and your AC will take care of you.

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