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Preparing for Full-time RV Living: How Much Did We Save with the Open Roads Fuel Discount Program?

Stella (our Ford F350 Dually) had run through her complimentary tank of gas from the dealer and it was now time for us to pay for a tank. We heard about the TSD Logisitcs Open Road Fuel Savings Program from other RV YouTubers and signed up for the program right before we took delivery of Stella.

One of the stipulations of the program is that you MUST fuel up at a truck lane, something we have never done before. We ventured out to a nearby T&A to get Stella her first fill-up and was excited to see how much we would save on diesel with our Open Roads card. 

Gas prices are skyrocketing now and any money we save on diesel for Stella will be wonderful. We pulled into the truck lane to fill up and then used the app to see how much money we saved. You may be surprised! We certainly were!

Learn more about the Open Roads Fuel Program here:

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