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Finding Your Why in Full-Time RV Living

Although they present a wonderful visual presentation of our journey, photos and videos don’t tell the whole story. Living life on the road is unlike any experience I’ve had in my life and have been feeling for some time a strong calling to write about it. Writing for me is both a creative and cathartic

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New Video Every Sunday

four months to go and so much with so little time!

What have we done so far, what is still left to do, and will we be ready in time?

choosing rv features & options for our new fifth wheel

Choices, and more choices, helping us create the best rig for our lifestyle.

which rv fifth wheel did we choose and why?

We made a decision! Which RV did we choose?

do we need a dual or single rear wheel truck?

Which truck is best for our fifth-wheel? Dual or single rear wheel?

tiffin allegro open road 34pa tour

The Tiffin Allegro Class A RV is well-thought-out and well-appointed. But will it be the rig for us?

vanleigh beacon 42rkb fifth wheel tour

A raised rear kitchen AND a built-in office! What’s not to love?

vanleigh beacon 42rdb fifth wheel tour

Wow! What a rig! Such quality and craftsmanship.

grand design solitude 390rk fifth wheel tour

This rig checked all our boxes but has one thing that could be a deal-breaker.

mobile suites drv 41rkdb luxury fifth wheel tour

You’ve got to see this luxury fifth-wheel!!

Class C Tour & 21 RV Entrepreneur Summit Recap

We rented a Class C Motorhome and loved it!

grand design solitude 3740bh tour

The bunkhouse can be converted to an office and the kitchen space is good. Is this our new rig?

Grand Design Momentum 381M Tour

In nine months, we will set off on our full-time RV adventure, working, exploring, and cooking our way around North America.

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