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We Devoured the BEST Cuban Sandwiches in Tampa…and then We Made Our Own Cubano!

One of the best parts of full-time RV living is the opportunity to discover, enjoy, and cook regional ingredients and dishes. One of Tampa’s best know foods is the Cuban sandwich. They make them a bit differently there, and we had to check it out. 

Eating three Cubano sandwiches in so many hours was a daunting task, but Rich and our son, Dawson, were more than happy to accept the challenge. And after the last morsel was devoured, we had a clear winner.

Because I’m gluten and dairy-free, all I could do was watch and shoot video. My quest was to ask a ton of questions, conduct an occasional smell test, and begin formulating a plan to go back to Howie and make a Cuban sandwich I could actually eat. Was I successful? 

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