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Preparing for Full-time RV Living: Vanleigh Beacon 42RKB Fifth Wheel Tour

Last week’s tour, the Beacon 42RDB was impressive and when we had the opportunity to tour another Beacon, we were very excited. Going in, we thought we could not find a rig more amazing than the 42RDB, and boy were we so wrong!! The Vanleigh Beacon 42RKB has EVERYTHING we want and more. 

  • Raised rear kitchen with residential appliances
  • Spacious living area
  • Built-in office space (woohoo!)
  • White/gray interior color scheme
  • Tons of exterior storage
  • Washer and dryer

The only possible deal-breaker was the sink being located on the kitchen island. And, full body paint comes standard in all Beacon models and we are having a hard time justifying the price tag: $20K more than comparable models without the paint. 

Other than that, we feel this rig is so far, the closest match for us. We will be making our decision in the next few weeks, and the Vanleigh Beacon 42RKB is at the top of our list!

More information about the Beacon 42RKB click HERE.

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Vanleigh Beacon 42RKB floorplan
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