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We Found Tons of Local Gems as We Made Our Way to Michigan | Full-Time RV Living Journey

Continuing our maiden voyage as full-time RVers, we were excited to leave our first stop in Kearney, Nebraska, and head further east. We traveled through the rolling hills of Iowa and were excited to cross the Mississippi River and head into western Illinois. Our destination was Geneseo Campground and we were scheduled to stay 12 days. After three straight days of driving in the punishing wind, the thought of staying put for a while was appealing.

We didn’t know what we would find in Geneseo and were pleasantly surprised by the campground, the town, and the surrounding areas. We found plenty of local finds from clothes to food. If you are ever traveling East or West on I-80 and looking for a place to stay for a few days or longer, Geneseo Campground is easy to get to and a wonderful place to stay. 

Exit 19 (westbound I-80) or Exit 7 (eastbound I-80). NOTE: If entering from Exit 19, there is a 10-foot bridge in the town of Geneseo so take the truck route to avoid it.

Geneseo Links

Quad Cities Links

  • Wild Cherry Spoon Company:
  • Hutzpah (earrings):
  • I found the pickles, but still don’t know if I can get them shipped. Yaeger’s Farm Market (sold inside the Freight Building Farmer’s Market in Davenport):
  • Wide River Winery:

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